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Non-Verbal Communication, can you read between the lines?

AE Recruitment on Non-Verbal Communication

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Non-Verbal Communication. Depending on your observational skills you’ll understand “non-verbal communication” on some level, whether it’s conscious or subconscious awareness. Maybe you’ve experienced the “cold shoulder” from a loved one, a notable difference in behaviour or gut feeling which prompts you to enquire further? A more obvious, day to day example in the workplace is your boss walking into the office in a good or bad mood. Their hierarchical standpoint, ability as a manager and/or influence in the business depicts to what degree their mood impacts you and your colleagues, in a positive or negative manner

There are social scientists who spend their whole careers looking at body language and the judgements we make from them. Those judgements massively influence our decisions in our personal and work life. Amy Cuddy did an awesome TED Talk on no verbal communication that I urge you to watch. She gives a great insight into human interaction how we behave with one another, from a social psychologist’s perspective that a majority of people may not be aware of.

If you want to progress in your career and be successful, lack of non-verbal understanding will stunt your professional growth in some way, shape or form. A true leader is someone you admire, respect and value in a place of power, they will quickly ascertain issues in the workforce, where they’ve stemmed from, react accordingly and protect their key employees, in turn instilling a feeling of protection, aspiration and loyalty which is essential in any successful team/business’ growth and performance. The good news is, Non-Verbal Communication skills can be taught!

AE Recruitment provides psychometric tests and 360 assessments giving insights not only into new recruits’ verbal or non-verbal behaviour but to your existing members of staff, helping every aspect of your employee experience and improving your company reputation, brand, retention and desirability as a positive knock on effect. Statistically speaking you, your team and/or business can reduce new employee recruitment risk from 74% to 25% or empower your existing employees with suggested areas for training & development, reducing replacement hiring costs by utilising psychometric tests & 360 assessments as part of your company’s development programme.

If you would like to find out more about Non-Verbal Communication or take a test to find out how you get on, contact [email protected] for further information


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