Making the decision to change jobs can be a scary one, so congratulations on making the first move, it’s something to be proud of. I’m sure you’ve spent quite some time updating your CV and applying to jobs on the internet. Finding a job is hard work especially when competition is fierce and you’re not getting the response you were hoping for. To be successful in your job search it’s crucial to have the right strategy from the outset and that’s where career coaching comes in. A well built and relevant CV, LinkedIn and Introduction has a far bigger impact and gets you noticed amongst your competition.

There’s a lot of advice on the internet of how to go about cv writing and what to email employers but the vast majority is very outdated, and everyone employs the same technique so you’re never going to stand out. Our trained recruitment consultants have years of real-life recruiting insights of how to appeal to employers and improve your chances of being hired.

We want you to have the best chance possible of finding a job, as quickly as possible because that’s what it’s about, right? As recruiters we’re trained how to maximise results in the minimum timeframe, so we’ve applied the same techniques to our courses. That said, we are only able to work with what you give us, so let’s start from the beginning and help you construct the best version of you!

Welcome to the start of an exciting journey and taking invaluable steps to help you succeed in your search.

Job Search Bundles

AE Recruitment’s sister site, AE Academy offers complete support to job seekers in their search 



  • CV Templates
  • ATS Optimised CV
  • Video Guides
  • Learn all the CV secrets
  • Improve sentence construction
  • Honest CV feedback

300 AED



CV + LinkedIn

  • Learn which companies you should apply to
  • Score your LinkedIn profile
  • Optimise your LinkedIn
  • Rank higher in LinkedIn searches
  • Create your Personal Brand

550 AED



CV + LinkedIn + JOB SEARCH + 1-2-1 Coach

  • Efficient Job Search
  • Job Search approach strategy
  • Job Search engagement techniques
  • True insider view into recruitment
  • Learn directly from a leading recruiter
  • 1-2-1 Tailored person career coach
  • Tailored personal guidance and support

725 AED



CV + LinkedIn + JOB SEARCH + portfolio + 1-2-1 Coach

Design industry

  • Elevate your online and offline persona with your portfolio
  • Set up a new website within 24hrs
  • Strict guidance of what will work for you
  • 1-2-1 Tailored person career coach
  • Tailored personal guidance and support

925 AED


what to expect from our academy

All of our online courses can be conducted via your mobile, tablet or computer which makes it easier than ever before to learn the skills you need to progress your job search as quickly as possible

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Online Guides

Watch our tutorials in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and time so that you can pause, recap and create your perfect profile

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With the help of LinkedIn we are building a network so that you can share your experiences with fellow job seekers to see what works and what doesn't


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Your career course is completely mapped out with a videos, guides, templates and a dedicated tutor to advise on best practices every step of the way

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