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Why use AE?

We have developed an international network with elite, award-winning designers through to up-and-coming professionals, worldwide. With a database of over 100,000 design professionals combined with state-of-the-art technology we are well placed to guarantee successful results.

Our team prides themselves on constantly innovating to stay ahead in the fast paced recruitment industry. We work with our clients to enhance their existing teams dynamic culture to foster an intrapreneurial workforce that delivers swift results.

We have worked with HR teams to find out their pain points in the recruitment process to help provide job seekers with the industry expertise and guidance they need to position themselves to stand out from their competition, reducing hiring time.

What to expect.

The recruitment world is a competitive market however, at AE Recruitment we have solidified our place in the architectural and design, working with some of the biggest local and international names in the industry.

At our core we have a passion for in design, as well as how businesses operate, grow and develop their teams.  

95% of our clients are gained through recommendations from other companies or job seekers in the industry who have previous experience working with AE Recruitment.

CVs, LinkedIn profiles and interviews only give you a small insight into an individuals suitability. 

With interviews lasting an average of 1 hour it’s not enough time to ascertain if a candidate is able to perform to the standard you are expecting of them. 

This is where assessments come in! We provide in depth psychometric assessments to take the question marks out of the hiring process, so you know how to get the best out of the candidates we provide, and your existing team.

The design industry is very subjective and because of this it is often difficult to construct a desirable job description. 

Our recruitment consultants will meet with you to gain valuable insights into you (the hiring manager) and your business to help build an overall view on which individuals will be suited to your existing team. 

Our goal is to minimise costly onboarding times, reduce dropout rates, maintain your company brand, as well as standards. 

Currently in development, we will be providing our clients with an online portal so that you have the functionality to search for candidates in the client portal. 

First impressions count as much for you as they do for the candidate.  

AE Recruitment will help you to create the right impression throughout the process so all the candidates we present, leave with a glowing review. 

This helps with your current and future recruiting ventures. 

Once we have found the right candidate for you and they have accepted an offer in your organisation we will help you with the on boarding process. 

This helps candidates to feel integrated and part of your team before they have stepped foot in your office on their first day. 

Reducing the fear on on the first day prepares your new staff member on what to expect and enables them to get to the ground running as quickly as possible, taking the pressure of you and your team.


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