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How to start your job search

AE Recruitment on How to start your job search

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A successful job search hinges around one main factor, how are you going to stand out amongst your competition?

I had interesting discussions with my followers on LinkedIn this week listening to their view on why some job seekers reply “interested” to posts on LinkedIn when they’re not even suitable for the position. There are many variables especially in the times we find ourselves in, fear, lack of understanding about how to use LinkedIn and laziness are 3 factors that were repetitively mentioned though

Here are a few tips to get you thinking on how to start your job search. Please watch the video first and then read on…. now I’m doing a lot more coaching I’m understanding you, job seekers, a lot more…more haste, less speed, please 😉

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Another interesting event happened this week that links very nicely into the points in my video. I updated my profile to include my own career diversification, AE Academy (website and more details coming soon). I updated my profile and hundreds and hundreds of people sent well-wishes which was really touching and very much appreciated. How does this have anything to do with this video Hayley? Well, the analogy I’m going to use is rather fitting. At this moment in time only 4/5 people commented anything other than the “LinkedIn Suggestion”. This is what going through a list of job applications is kind of like. Everyone puts the same until you come across a ray of sunshine who stands out from the pack. Those rays of sunshine are usually the individuals that wow employers at interview stage by really researching the company and individual they’re interviewing with and it pays off well for them

Takeaway for the day. Be the ray of sunshine rather than the sheep when you’re applying for jobs. The effort you put in now will not only make you feel really proud and good about what you’re putting out there into the world, it will pay off in the long run and you’ll get a higher response rate from your applications



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