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Job Search Fatigue Fixes

AE Recruitment Job Search Fatigue

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A job search can be incredibly stressful, emotional and completely exhausting.

Here are some tips to help you with your search and get you back on track….

Identify the problem
Where you are hitting a roadblock will tell you where you need to focus your attention. If you are not receiving interviews, your CV may need attention. If you are not making it past the interview stage, your interview skills need work. Be honest with yourself and focus your attention where it’s needed.

Be Organised
It’s common to witness job seekers repetitively mass emailing the same email list over and over. First of all this doesn’t work, go to AE Academy to learn job search techniques that do. Hiring Managers may not be getting back to you but that doesn’t mean they haven’t seen your email so make sure you are conscious of the impression you are giving your future employer!! First and foremost, keep a list of who you’ve contacted and what the response was, when to follow up, what stage of the process you’re at and also who else you could get in touch with. 

Create some structure
Wake up in the morning at a similar time to what you would normally and finish at a reasonable hour. Creating structure will give you what you need to feel like you’re making some headway with your search but also ensure that you’re not working yourself to burnout.

Ask for answers
Job hunting is filled with highs and lows. It’s natural to get down but ask yourself why? For example, is it because you haven’t heard back from an interview? If this is the case, deal with the uncertainty in a productive manner. At your next interview ask when you should expect feedback so you lessen the 

Take breaks
Make sure you take regular breaks. If you are getting stressed or emotional in any way, this will transfer to the words you use in your introduction message which could have a negative impact on your all important, first impression. It’s imperative to look after your mental health so get outside, enjoy the fresh air and get those endorphins flowing.


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