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Benefits of assessments.

Successful businesses have an open culture that encourages internal entrepreneurial dynamism. A report conducted by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) in 2017 reported that whilst more than a third of businesses in the UK believed that a bad hire didn’t cost their business. The conclusion was that a poor hire at mid-manager level on a salary of around £42,000 would ultimately cost a company as much as £132,000 due to the accumulation of costs relating to training, lost productivity and increased staff turnover. 

AE Recruitment has partnered with Great People Inside to provide our clients with assessments to ensure that they not only get the best out of their current workforce but they also make the right hiring choices in the future. A happy team is 12% more productive so make the choice to invest in your team. 

What you can use assessments for.

We have a comprehensive range of expert reports to aid your decision making. Here’s a list of what our tests can be used for

01  Staff Development

02  Improve performance

03  Volume Recruitment Filtering

04  Graduate Pre-Selection

05  Change Management

06  Organisation Development

07  Identity High flying Employees

08  Succession planning

09  Recruitment

10  Staff Coaching

Why use our assessments.

There are a lot of assessments in the marketplace that help analyse staff but ours is the only assessment you can tailor to suit your requirement. AE Recruitment believes that you should be able to customise your tests to match your market, organisation and personnel. This means that you only pay for what you what you need instead of what assessment provider tells you to measure

Hiring staff is expensive so the last thing you want is to bring in an employee that upsets your well oiled machine. Use our assessments to identify individuals who complement your existing team and also identify talent within your existing workforce to unlock their true potential.

Help your teams to perform better and retain people for longer.

Completely customise your assessments, right down to branding and only pay for what you use

Our assessments are easy to read reducing internal HR and assessor costs

Designed to use anywhere anytime the assessments offer great accessibility for both employers and candidates. Take a test via mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop

Use as a filtering tool to shortlist large volumes of applications that require no manual intervention. It is more scientific than keyword searches and eliminates human errors

We beat the cost of comparable psychometric tests in the marketplace as well as having being completely customisable.