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This Senior Architect obtained his Masters of Advanced Studies in Architecture, in 2008. Early in his career he worked as Senior Design Architect in several prestigious architectural consultancies such as HM Architects & Pierre Basil Architects where his role was to manage the entire process from concept creation to detailed design to coordination with consultants across disciplines.

Now based in UAE his role was to lead the design department and manage projects from ideation to completion as Head of Design. A few years later, he took the position of Project Director within the retail sector to manage the execution of new extensions as an operator representative. More recently he has moved into a Director of Design and Technical Services role to develop the creation of 5 new hotel concepts that will be located in the GCC, Europe and Africa.

In parallel, he has several private clients that use his expertise for their personal assignments across a range of projects from Architectural design to Interior design. The services include concept creation, good for tender execution drawings as well as site inspections for quality assurance / execution review.

In addition to his passion for architecture, he also explores other fields in Design like Automotive and Product Design.


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