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AE Recruitment has successfully worked with this incredible company to reignite their Dubai office and we’re now partnering with them again to establish a London based office to help them build a  team in the big smoke to support and be a part of large scale developments in the Middle East.

They’re one of our favourite businesses to work with and we’ve never been more honoured to be able able to have the opportunity to create another office with this amazing consultancy, and add to their repertoire.

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Do you have a name for yourself on the international world stage in architecture?
Do you own/run a company with 200+ staff?!
Are you prepared to have your name against one of the world’s most iconic architectural projects in modern day history?!

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If you want to go far in your career, this is the company for you!!! 

Every-single-person they have employed through us has been overwhelmed with their approach and detail into the awareness for the development of their careers. There’s not many businesses in the Middle East who truly value promoting from within their businesses, but this company is one of them!!

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The AE Recruitment team have been placing job seekers with this company for nearly 17 years!

Known for excellence, you’ll have to possess incredible technical abilities as well as a fantastic “design eye”. We’re looking for quality individuals who can demonstrate longevity, a very high level of Revit abilities, coupled with passion and drive within UAE. 

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Think Martha Schwartz, LMS, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol… we’re looking for a team to be based in Dubai and we don’t care where you are now but you MUST have worked on VAST landscape projects, as well as show a unique design finesse.

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We are experts in architectural and design recruitment, just like you are experts in designing and engineering. We could never do the job you do however, what we can do is pass on our knowledge and expertise to help you position yourself for your career goals!


Gain basic insights into building your personal brand in our portal along with CV Templates and a job search assessment to identify areas for improvement

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! All our templates have been styled and formatted so you just need to insert your content.

Are you at a loss as to what you can do to improve your chances of being selected in your job search? Answer over 40 questions to find out where to concentrate your efforts. 

We have put together generic insights into where most job seekers go wrong, how to fix it as well as what hiring managers are really looking for when they open your documents. 

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The only factor that makes you stand out from your competition is YOU!  We provide an A-Z step by step guide on how to put together your content and help you find your unique voice. 

The design industry is incredibly subjective so hiring managers are searching for job seekers who demonstrate their value and expertise from the moment they open your CV, through to your language, tone, and style throughout your materials. Find out how to represent you and your own unique brand or “business of one” as we like to call it! 

Set the scene of your brand with your own stylised CV, content that showcases your strengths, sets the scene of what is to come and really grab the hiring manager’s attention! 

Let us help you find your true voice! 

It’s a gold mine for inbound opportunities! Learn from our tried and tested methods, optimise your profile, stand out from your competition and appear at the top of recruiters searches.

A portfolio of work is as unique as you and your work experience gets but are you showcasing your personal work or the companies you have worked for?!

We have provided guides however for us to be of use to you we hold weekly online group sessions to help guide you and also push you to really utilise your design skills to their full potential! 

A job search is not about sending your CV to as many people as possible in the hope that it sticks at some point. It’s far more psychological than that!

We’ll teach you the same techniques that our own recruitment consultants are taught so you appeal to your audience. 

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The Platinum package has everything the Gold support package does with the added benefit of working with a coach on a 1-2-1 basis plus all the added benefits below…

The job search race is fiercely competitive which is far more difficult when you are not getting the time or feedback from hiring managers in order to better your chances. By the time you are seeking answers from a business you’ve usually hit a dead end with that company. 

Securing a job is more about how you feel about yourself, the skills you offer and how you effectively articulate that to your audience.  We cut to the case from the beginning and set you up for success from the outset with a full A-Z guide like in the Gold package BUT you also have your mentor to give you all the support, encouragement and guidance to keep you positive and on track. 

We will assess your job applications with you so you gain insights as to why you may not have been chosen, but more to the point, how you can improve moving forward. A non bias opinion is a priceless exercise that builds confidence and self esteem. 

Prepare yourself for your interview before the big day with mock interviews that shed valuable insights into the hiring manager’s perspective of your body language, demeanour and articulation of your experience.

Securing the right job for you is all about how you position yourself correctly for the job you are aiming for. You do this by articulating your experience and value in relation to the position you want. The sweet spot for success is when all your materials convincingly demonstrate elements of your unquestionable value.

In a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be heard the skills we teach you will benefit you in your job search, salary negotiations and increase inbound opportunities for you.

Recruiters have financial monetary targets to hit every month to stay employed so whether you are looking for a job or looking to build a business we can tailor your goals to suit your needs and aspirations.  

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Who we are.

AE Recruitment is more than just a recruitment company, we help build inspiring and thriving award winning businesses. We are uniquely placed in the Middle East with over 22 years experience enhancing both job seekers and employers needs.  For employers we combine analytical assessments and recruitment expertise to enhance your exiting team’s skills, improving productivity and promoting an intrapreneurial culture. For job seekers we offer a range of services from valuable insights through to an expert career mentoring program to empower you to land your dream job!

Welcome to the new age of recruitment: building meaningful and rewarding careers!

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