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The dream CV: “My 2 second bud”

Dream CV

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As we evolve as a species so does our understanding of our local surroundings and our awareness of our colleagues predetermined behaviours. Our consciousness is so attune to its environment that whilst in the mist of our own existential crisis we’ll only break free when we notice an anomaly we’re not so familiar with in someone we thought we knew so well.. Recruitment isn’t so different, while viewing hundreds of thousands of CVs a week it’s only the anomalies that’ll ever get noticed! For better or for worse your head is above the parapet and on show for all to see. It’s apparent that job seekers don’t really know what a good CV is anymore 

It’s a startling fact that only 3% of applicants will make it to interview stage….. 97% of all job applications are effectively a waste of time which is a ridiculous amount of wastage in time, money, effort, thought, etc. Those figures suggest that people really need to pay more attention to how they’re presenting themselves

Back to our desk in our own existential crisis… if we thought half as much about the outcome, who we wanted to be, what kind of person arrives at that destination and how it would make us feel once we get there maybe we wouldn’t worry and panic so much when looking for a new job. Maybe the prominent buzzword “anxiety” wouldn’t play such a dominant part in our modern day vocabulary and maybe we’d recognise our neighbours/colleagues/friends as a mass community that, when in unison can achieve brilliance! The type of brilliance you feel when you’re at a sports game and you hug your fellow supporters, albeit strangers forever but that two seconds of adulation makes you buddies for minutes and hours till you divide to carry on your merriment… however, you always remember your “two second bud” and the joy you shared at that point, it was special, it was memorable and it’ll always bring a smile to your face when recollecting that moment

When writing your CV present yourself in a way that’s remembered. In a way that makes sure you’re not forgotten, like my “two second bud”. Sending a grammatically shattered, font fantastical, case confused document will only put recruiters/HR teams/Employers off so please take a moment to think…what does your CV say about you? 

If you’d like to approach your job search in a completely different way, present yourself in the right way that sends the right message and take control of your job search so you’re not reliant on recruitment agencies or job boards get in touch. Each session is completely tailored to the individual, we’ll work with you one on one to help you at every stage of your search so you have a clear plan and are more confident about the actions to take to achieve your goal

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