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With around 8 years of experience in Dubai, I have worked with both international and local firms focusing on projects within GCC. My knowledge of Architectural background covers various typologies and scale of projects such as Masterplan, Mixed-Used, Residential, Retail & F&B, Hospitality, Governmental, and Office projects. Some recognisable examples of such projects would be Dubai Harbour, Bahrain Marina, and Expo. 

Regarding design stages, I have experience from Pre-Concept Design up to the Design Development stage. I have also done a few design optimisation studies in collaboration with engineers during later design stages. These studies lead to enhanced space planning, reduction in services & BOH area, parking optimisation, and even elimination of extra parking floors which all resulted in major construction time and cost savings!

I wanted to add that I am familiar with multi-disciplinary coordination and liaison with well-known developers and clients such as Emaar. I also have experience being a team leader, team member, and even worked solo on some of the projects. 

As of my goals and passion, I see myself ready for a senior position leading a team and exploring my experience and abilities in other design stages and project typologies.


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