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LinkedIn Basics

Before we get started with this course there’s a few things you’ll need:1. A LinkedIn profile.2. Review your privacy settings to your liking – we suggest that if you have a LinkedIn Premium profile that you change your message settings so that individuals can contact you for free, rather than having to buy a LinkedIn

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As you progress through the lessons and modules you’ll learn the power of influence via subliminal messaging. It plays a huge role in how a hiring manager perceives your materials and suitability for their vacancy. Before you get to that stage we wanted to give you look at what goes on behind the scenes when

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Identify your needs

A job search can be very difficult when you feel you have done everything right but you’re still not getting the results you are looking for. At the Academy we liken job searching to the dating world… and when you think about it, you are probably going to spend more time with your work colleagues

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Client Introduction

Welcome to AE Recruitment’s client subscriptions. Do you ever wonder why some companies have top candidates lining up to work for them and others don’t? Those are the companies with strong employer brands, they have a great reputation to work for and great staff retention! Companies that are known in the marketplace for looking after

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