CV Templates

Psychology plays a big part in the hiring process and these templates have been put together after researching what Hiring Managers look for in terms of CV format.

We encourage you use the 1st page of your CV as a means to hook the reader into your profile and create excitement about reading the rest of your experience. Please bear this in mind while going through the course. We’re looking for a punchy summary to start with so please take your time over that section of the course.

All of templates are “ATS friendly” and they all go through with 100% success rate. Please select the template that you like but please do not change around the format because as mentioned before we’ve purposefully put them together this way to create a desire to want to see more of your details. 

NOTE: If any of the headings in the templates are running onto the second page then it’s a clear sign your summary is too long. Shortern it so you don’t overwhelm the reader or choose to concentrate of your experience that’s relevant to the job post.

Online Templates

Before you rush to download our templates or anyone else’s please watch this important video.

Our Templates

As you will see from the video using online design software to create a CV can be problematic. However, we have created some simple templates using Canva that do parse into an ATS System with 100% parse rate. 

If you download one of these templates I’ve created please make sure that the text you enter remains on the same row.

Please click on the templates below to download and amend with your personal details.