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A BIM Manager with 8 years’ experience who has just finished a Masters in Global BIM Management which also covered ISO 19650 standards. My role includes implementing and managing BIM management systems as well as enforce standards for all BIM related activities. I manage BIM teams up to 7 staff as well as coordinate between disciplines design teams, clients, sub-contractors, and sub-consultants. Internally I train and mentor staff ensuring a cohesive working environment. In addition, I have successfully created office standards, documents, QA/QC checklists to ensure all teams and members are producing unified information quality increasing productivity & efficiency by 20%. Along with successfully accomplishing my KPIs, I have also managed to contribute to the company’s annual tech KPIs and my colleague’s KPIs reaching 150% over my targets.

While working at Bluehaus, I worked with their partner called Urban Surveys, a laser scanning company that uses BIM to produce accurate as-built models. We established a fantastic working relationship and worked on standards, methods, and procedures such as client requirements through to fruition as well as training and mentoring for major companies such as DEPA.

Finally, combining my experience with the continuous learning path, I have also implemented clash detection within Bluehaus Group and highly encouraged my company to produce and provide COBie for design and construction with the collaboration of all disciplines. Thus, I have achieved to provide a futuristic vision in BIM and construction technology, always seeking improvements and new tools for efficiency and productivity.


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