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In this day in age with the advancement of technology, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for jobseekers to find work with the amount of competition they’re facing. The average live job receives around 250 applications and some of our jobs have reached up to 600 applications. With the recruitment industry changing, how people approach their job search needs to change too. As recruiters we’d love nothing more than to find every single person, who approaches us, a job but in order for us to help you we need to pass on what we’ve learnt in years of recruitment. 

Below are free guides to help you with your job search. If however, you would like one to one coaching, support and mentoring then please head to our 0nline courses. Here you’ll find step by step guides, tutorials, illustrations and easy to follow videos  that will put you on the road to success, click here to find out more

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AE REcruitment Article The best and worst of 2019

The Best and Worst of 2019

It’s shocking, if you don’t like swear bombs maybe read another article but I’ll try to keep it clean Worst comment: “You f***ing piece of

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Personal Branding

We all know that job searching is harder than ever before especially if you don’t know how to stand out from your competition. Those who

Job Applications

Job Applications – Help us, Help you!

You’ve applied to hundreds of jobs but not heard back, sound familiar? You’re not alone, there’s a constant, unspoken friction between job seekers and recruiters.

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View our video and to take a walkthrough out new career course platform In this videos we have given a walk through of the course Employable

The Dream CV "My 2 second bud"

The dream CV: “My 2 second bud”

As we evolve as a species so does our understanding of our local surroundings and our awareness of our colleagues predetermined behaviours. Our consciousness is

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